Coaching Services


"This isn't about getting to where you think you need to be. 

This is about getting you to the place of feeling good wherever you are"

~ Abraham Hicks

​Individual coaching is one of the most profitable investments you will ever make in yourself. I met my first coach at 29 and it dramatically changed the way I viewed myself, my life and the choices that I make. It put me on a path of discovering who I truly am rather than who I learned to be. The coaching experience has supported me in living in alignment with my heart first and foremost which is the place where true fulfillment is experienced. I am a certified life coach, but my most extensive training is from my own personal life experiences. I know what it is like to feel lost, confused and overwhelmed. I know that feeling of knowing there is something missing regardless of how much you have accomplished. I know that feeling of knowing there is "more", but you can't quite put your finger on what that "more" is. I know what it feels like to have desires and yet it feels so incredibly difficult to reach them. I know what if feels like to repeatedly come up against the same blocks and wonder how will I ever breakthrough to the other side. Choosing to leave a "secure" job to follow my heart, experiencing breakthroughs in my health challenges and intimate and family relationships as well as overcoming depression all have taught me lessons that now bring me to a place of deep gratitude each and everyday. 

As a coach and guide it is my intention to offer you powerful distinctions and tools that when consistently practiced will offer you the self awareness needed to feel clear and empowered. This empowered state of being is what guides us to making choices that are most in alignment with our truth. Private coaching sessions are also designed to expand your consciousness so that you are able to breakthrough the blocks, step into the present moment and consciously co-create your destiny in all areas of your life. 

Along with being your coach, I am also your partner, guide and best cheerleader. I am a stand for you to be who you truly are. You are here to make an impact on this world and making a difference begins inside you.  I will support and challenge you to say “no” to what is not in alignment with your highest vision and say “yes” to what life is truly asking of you.  I coach you in a way that will support your own unique experiences and I listen with 100% compassion and confidentiality and 0% judgement.

I believe we are all our best coaches and we already have all the answers that we are seeking. I am not here to help you know anything new, but rather to guide you to remembering what you may have forgotten.



​Coaching sessions are conducted by phone or Skype.


Denise Works With Clients Who Are ...

           Coachable and have a desire to learn, grow, develop and expand


            Prepared and willing to do the inner work that is required to create lasting change 


            Open to experiencing their personal truth in all areas of life


            Committed to applying the distinctions and tools provided to their personal experience


            Willing to take the necessary actions to create desired results and experiences



        Are You Ready?

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