"I cannot express my gratitude enough for everything you've taught me and our one on one session was everything I needed. It was amazing to bounce everything off of you. You gave me all the perfect perspectives. I'm viewing life so differently and have had so much improvement within myself as well as in my relationships.  I feel that the bond I have with myself is so much stronger than I ever thought it could be. I've been working towards this for almost three years and finally with your help I can actually embody the right perception and put everything I've learned to work. You have opened my eyes and given me the tools I needed to make this commitment to myself. You and your story are so inspiring and you've changed my life in a lot of ways and I'll forever be grateful. Your ability to make a connection with us in class and using your own experiences is proof that this works. Thank you for helping me to love the darkness, see things I couldn't have on my own and finally embrace and love myself in ways I never thought I could.  


Elizabeth P. 

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