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"I cannot express my gratitude enough for everything you've taught me and our one on one session was everything I needed. It was amazing to bounce everything off of you. You gave me all the perfect perspectives. I'm viewing life so differently and have had so much improvement within myself as well as in my relationships.  I feel that the bond I have with myself is so much stronger than I ever thought it could be. I've been working towards this for almost three years and finally with your help I can actually embody the right perception and put everything I've learned to work. You have opened my eyes and given me the tools I needed to make this commitment to myself. You and your story are so inspiring and you've changed my life in a lot of ways and I'll forever be grateful. Your ability to make a connection with us in class and using your own experiences is proof that this works. Thank you for helping me to love the darkness, see things I couldn't have on my own and finally embrace and love myself in ways I never thought I could.  


Elizabeth P. 

Working with Denise for the past year has been an incredible experience. She has an uncanny way of listening and helping me discern my own authentic truth. I was looking for someone who wasn't afraid to challenge my inner beliefs and make me dig deeper to underlying fears and motivations. Denise has absolutely been that person for me. I love using a coach for accountability but I've received so much more than that in our sessions. I would highly recommend Denise to anyone needing to make significant inner shifts to allow more of their authentic soul to surface ... and dance!

​Angela Howell, Nashville, TN, Author of "Finding the Gift"

"When I signed up for Denise’s course, I expected to “awaken my truth” but I had no idea how much awakening I would have. I liken it to peeling an onion – trying to get to my core through the layers of beliefs, defenses, and pain that I’ve accumulated along the way as I grew up and took on different roles in my life. Denise’s class taught me how to peel back the layers, gain the confidence to face my fears and get through everything on the outside and bring it back to ME!” 

​T.J., Long Island, NY

"I just wanted to say thank you because I received so much from your class, both through my own personal healing and through receiving methods to pass on to others. It was really useful and extremely universal. The way you teach and present concepts allows people to really understand. You taught me! Thank you for everything."

Alyssa D., Long Island, NY

I can't exaggerate what a difference working with Denise has made in the way I feel about my myself and my situation.  Tough at times but always empathetic, she helped me to realize how my resistance to' letting go' was what was actually keeping what I desired away. At first I found it very difficult, but I started to feel better so quickly that I knew I was on the right track and took her advice on board, resulting in a couple of miracles which even now I can scarcely believe.  Just a small shift in my thought patterns produced such a dramatic shift in my situation.  Without her guidance, I'd be floundering. I can't thank her enough for her patience and ability to hone straight in on the problem. Magic!

​Mary, United Kingdom

After taking Denise's class, I see life in a much more peaceful way. I finally understand now that suffering is a choice and she has an excellent way of revealing and explaining this information. Denise offers the tools needed for a successful transformation. I have people complimenting me on my "new vibe" that I'm giving out and I see the universe responding to me in a positive way because I'm doing the work. She helped me understand situations and myself differently. I always knew that I was worthy on an intellectual level, but now I FEEL like I am worthy. I understand that any story I have about myself is exactly that – a “story”. This enabled me to accomplish something I’ve been trying to do for years. I finally understand that lessons do repeat until we change. I always knew these words were true, but until this class I didn’t know how to make these words a reality.  I looked for help, Denise showed up for me and most importantly I showed up for myself.  I can say with confidence that her coaching has been a blessing." 

​Nicole V. Long Island, NY

I want to express my gratitude for your wonderful guidance and teachings.  I have experienced levels of personal  transformation and growth that I thought would take an entire lifetime to achieve. Our sessions are always directly connected to my own personal needs.  Working with Denise has allowed me to go beneath the surface and peel back layers that I wasn’t even aware existed. She provides the deepest level of trust necessary for the success of this work.  I have been able to discuss my deepest fears, never fearing judgment. The success of our work together is evident in my daily life.  I have more clarity now than I ever have.  My personal relationships with others have improved directly as a result of our work together.  I have been able to clear limiting beliefs that have been holding me back from accomplishing what I desire. I have a sense of renewed confidence, self worth, and spark and have noticed that those around me have been affected and inspired by the changes in me. 

​Erik L. , New York  

Working with Denise was like being with an imaginary big sister who holds your hand and shows you that you too can walk, that you can do it. I felt her love pouring through Skype, jumping across the ocean and melting my fears and my worries. Always a step ahead understanding and accepting me as I am without judging my actions or my thoughts. She insisted that I do that too. She wanted me to make the idea that I'm whole and complete as I am, a "deep, no-questions knowing."  It is great to have someone who truly and totally believes in your future. 

​Anna Kotuckova, Edinburg, United Kingdom

Working with Denise has been a great experience! When I first began to work with her, I was somewhat skeptical that anything could be done to improve my situation. Her intuition and patience have been invaluable and the exercises she suggested have helped me to release limiting beliefs and remove blocks that were keeping me stuck. As a result I have been able to make major shifts in myself and my life. Thanks Denise!

​Michelle, Iowa

Through my work with Denise, I have grown immensely. Though I've had years of therapy, Denise was able to ask the right questions and help me to discover a core belief that was limiting me. She simply sparked and challenged my self talk, and knew exactly what to ask in order to empower me. We covered numerous subjects, and the process was organic. I feel extremely empowered and know that I have the tools to go on in a healthier way. I am forever grateful.

Kelly S., Virginia