The Truth About Resolutions

At the start of each year we vow to ourselves that we will make the necessary changes that we believe will somehow finally make us feel better. However, usually by day 3 or week 3 we are back to the way things were.

We often quickly revert back to our old ways of being because we are going about it backwards. We strive to make changes with the belief that they are going to make us feel better when the reality is lasting outer change occurs when we've done the inner work that allows us to feel good about who we are REGARDLESS of what is occurring in our outer world.

Meaning we don't lose the weight, find the partner or get the job to feel worthy and better about ourselves. We align with our worthiness and the truth of who we are first so that creating our true desires becomes a natural extension of who we are.

Feel the difference?

I've discovered that its difficult to even know what we TRULY desire let alone admit it to ourselves if we haven't done the work of knowing and being who we truly are. When we don't do the inner work, we often create from our wounds which only allows us to create from a very limited perspective or from only what our mind believes is possible. We often make our New Year's resolutions based on not feeling worthy and believing that only when we accomplish them will we finally feel like we are enough. Do you see why we would quit after a few days or weeks of trying to create, manifest or accomplish them? We haven't done the foundational work on the inside to sustain the changes that we desire on the outside.

So let me ask you this. What if you were worthy right now? What if all it took was to be your most authentic, genuine, honest self?

It's a big question because how do we even begin to tap into our truest self if we've been operating from our limiting beliefs and limited perspective of what we believe is possible?

For most of my early life I‘ve lived so deeply in my pain, disappointments, wounds and lack of self worth that every time I tried to manifest something new, I did so from a place of lack and limitation. I was choosing and creating from a place of who I thought I was or who I learned to be in order to fit in or even just from a place of what felt comfortable even if it was insanely dysfunctional and completely out of alignment with who I was.

Eventually and thankfully I grew tired of striving to fix my life on the outside and realized that if I wasn't in alignment with my true self on the inside, nothing I created on the outside would ever feel fulfilling or satisfying.

So I went to work and discovered that aligning with the truth of who we are is a process of gaining deeper and deeper self awareness even when it's utterly uncomfortable. It's a process of uncovering and unlearning limiting beliefs that have kept us in a box that someone else put us in. It's a process of continuous healing, forgiving and letting go.

It's a journey back to your heart and your Soul.

The journey back to the Soul is not for the faint of heart. It requires getting still and asking questions that the mind has no desire to answer. In fact, the mind will insist it already knows the answers.

The following are some questions to ponder to help guide you back to sitting in the seat of your most empowered, authentic and truthful self.

What if you committed to radical self honesty and became deeply aware of the beliefs that say if only you could achieve more, have more or be better in some way - then you will finally feel good enough?

What beliefs would come to the surface?

What if you stopped pushing them away and decided it was time to heal them?

What if you gave yourself permission to forgive yourself for believing in them?

What if you forgave those that played a role in leading you to believe them?

What if you gave yourself permission to release them once and for all?

What if you began to bring awareness to the expectations that others have placed on you and dropped ALL of them?

What if you created new expectations for yourself that empower you and feed your Soul?

What if you got radically honest about how you've been protecting yourself and playing it safe and instead began to own what truly matters to you?

What if you stopped blaming and making excuses for how things never work out and took complete responsibility for how this year will look and feel for you?

What if you stopped denying your real feelings in an effort to remain positive and instead used all of your feelings as messengers to guide you towards your most honest and empowered self?

What if you stopped comparing yourself and owned that you are exactly enough just as you are?

What if you let go of people that are not aligned with the direction that your Soul longs to move towards?

What if you stopped obsessing over making resolutions in an effort to feel worthy and simply committed to healing so that you feel worthy for just being who you are right in this moment?

May these questions serve you and move you towards a more aligned, empowering and passion-filled year.

Happy 2021!

Love & Blessings,

Denise XO

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