On The Other Side

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

One day I was rambling on to a coach I was working with and apparently I kept repeating the phrase, “On The Other Side” because she kept pointing it out.

Since that conversation with her, I began hearing and seeing this phrase everywhere I turned. I heard it on podcasts, in celebrity interviews, in Hallmark movies, in song lyrics, and on various Instagram posts and videos. Eventually I began to sense that I was being guided to do something with these words.

And so here we are. Welcome to "On the Other Side, Where We Reclaim our Truest Self" It is my deepest belief that what we are all truly craving is to let go of who we learned to be and fully step into who we came here to be.

So back to this phrase. I started thinking about how we often refer to Heaven by saying “On the Other Side” and when someone dies, we hear the following:

“now they can rest”

“now they are free”

“now they are at peace”

"they were ready to go home”

“they are not suffering anymore”

My question is "Why can't we experience freedom, peace and the feeling of being at home with ourselves while we are still here?

Now I know that we mostly say these things about those that are physically suffering. But I am referring to taking our power back so that we can experience this not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

Doesn’t it seem crazy to believe that we have to die in order to finally feel at peace?

I fully understand that being here does not come without challenges. I’ve certainly experienced my share.

But I’m not talking about the pain that comes from our challenges. In fact it is our challenges that are often the doorway to discovering who we truly are.

I'm talking about when we choose to believe that our external circumstances keep us limited and we end up suffering long term because we have unconsciously given our power away.

As Haruki Murakami says, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is a Choice.”

If we can be a peace with who we are from within even with all of the painful circumstances that come our way, we then have the power to not only end our internal suffering, but also create a life that feels aligned to who we truly are.

This is the path to self-actualization.

It is the path to fully knowing and trusting ourselves enough to unapologetically be ourselves. Being who we truly are is how the mind, body and soul gets to experience freedom. This is what it means to feel at home within ourselves.


We come here learning that our power and who we are is determined by everything and anything outside of us (bank account, job title, relationship status, children etc.)


The truth is our real power can only come from within.

I will say that again.

Your True Power Can Only Come From Within.

It comes from our awareness of self and knowing that we have the freedom to choose. The more self-aware we are, the more we realize that we have the power to choose how we will respond to life.

As we rise in consciousness and awaken to our true self, not only do we connect more to our passion, our purpose and our power, we also realize that we are never stuck and that life is full of possibility.

We can either remain asleep throughout our own journey or we can be awake to our soul’s longings. (The Soul is never attached to our external circumstances)

We can either remain unconscious and continue to believe in outdated ways of thinking, believing and feeling or we can choose to awaken to the knowing that we are fully responsible for our internal state of being.

We can choose to believe that we are a victim of our past or awaken to the knowing that all of our experiences are meant to expand us into higher levels of consciousness and most importantly connect us back to remembering WHO WE REALLY ARE.

This is the journey back to The Other Side.

It’s important to note that crossing the bridge is the journey itself. Life is about building our own unique bridge and being willing to cross it one step at a time. As we cross it, we uncover incredible gifts that enable us to step into the person our soul came here to be.

Below are the just a few of the gifts we receive when we are willing to cross the bridge to The Other Side.


  • Rather than continuously repeating old patterns, we commit to learning the lessons we came here to learn.

  • Rather than believing in thoughts that don‘t serve our growth, we commit to seeing past the illusion of them.

  • Rather than being a victim to our emotions, we commit to bringing awareness to them and consciously using them to guide us.

  • Rather than keeping our heart closed from past hurt and disappointment, we know it is safe to open our heart and feel the truth of all of life’s experiences.

  • Rather than deny our inner guidance, we are now willing to hear and follow the guidance of our soul knowing it is always for our highest good.

  • Rather than carrying past anger and resentment, we know that forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves.

  • Rather than following the rules, we know that we are here to create our own rules.

  • Rather than fearing our authentic self, we feel free to express our creativity and share our gifts.

  • Rather than living in the past, we are now firmly rooted in the present.

  • Rather than feeling like life can be unfair, we are now living in a space of unconditional love and gratitude.

  • Rather than seeking answers from old belief systems, we know our answers can be found from within.

  • Rather than placing blame on others, we live with the awareness that each person that crosses our path is our teacher.

  • Rather than self-blame, shame and guilt, we practice radical self-acceptance.

  • Rather than striving to change from the outside in we know that radical self acceptance is the only space where real change occurs - from the inside out.

  • Rather than allowing fear to stop us, we use our fear to inspire us to grow even further.

  • Rather than playing it safe, we know it is safe to fully show up.

  • Rather than feeling stuck, we know that we have the freedom to choose a new direction at any given moment.

These shifts in perspectives are at our fingertips to choose if we wish. They are always waiting for us.

With willingness, commitment, courage, belief, and a deep know that nothing is wasted and everything is an opportunity to grow and evolve into who you came here to be.

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