It's Time to Stop Ignoring Our Discomfort

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Ignoring our discomfort is why we have reached this level of universal chaos.

The Truth:

Each of us enters into this world with an open heart.

So What Happens:

***All this talk about how our power can only be found in the present moment is just not the whole truth.***

It's very difficult to grasp the power of the present moment when we are unconsciously gripping to the past. Our past holds tremendous power when we don't take the time to reflect on it and learn from it. And it's safe to say that the majority are not taking the time to shine light on their past.

All of our personal present day "issues" are born out of our past woundings.

All of our present day world issues are born out of the world's past woundings.

Throughout our lifetime:

We watched those around us believe in thoughts and act out behaviors that they learned from those around them.

We repeated these thoughts.

We repeated these behaviors.

If we questioned something that didn't feel right, more often than not we were not encouraged to think for ourselves and come up with our own truths.

The thing about discovering the truth is it will absolutely set us free, but it takes acknowledging it, voicing it, embracing it and standing in it. To get to the other side of it, it often takes feeling tremendous discomfort because deep down we know that when we stand in our truth, we may have to stand alone.

So what do we do instead?

We ignore it.

We overlook it.

We turn our heads.


We weren't taught how to question what we've been told.

We weren't taught how to feel our pain, grief, sadness, disappointments, frustration and anger.

We weren't taught how to decide what is right for us without allowing other people's thoughts and opinions to get in the way.

We pick up what we see and pass it on and pass it on and pass it on like a virus.

Whether it's a family pattern or a universal's just what we do when we continue to ignore our discomfort.

We repeat the past until we are tired of being tired.

We repeat the past until we are ready to look back and dive deep into the truth.

Diving deep requires

  • taking responsibility for the fact that we have had choices all along.

  • taking responsibility for realizing that we created our present reality because we chose to ignore the discomfort of owning and learning from our past reality.

  • taking responsibility for buying into the fear that was handed down to us.

But rather than diving in deep, we ignore looking at ourselves.

We want to change our lives and we want to change the world but we don't want to change ourselves. We want to change everyone else. It's so much easier that way, right? It's easier because somewhere deep within us we know that when we face the truth within ourselves, we also have to face the discomfort that lives there. Making the decision to stop ignoring what makes us uncomfortable is the only way we will create real change of any kind.

Perhaps we are in a time where we might finally be getting tired of being tired.

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