Do We Really Create Our Own Reality?

Ever since "The Secret" was introduced back in 2007, there has been so much talk on the topic of creating our reality. Is it really true? On one hand, this teaching is helpful in assisting in the awakening and evolution of consciousness. On the other hand, if not understood in a way that is empowering, it can spiral us into a whirlwind of self-blame, shame and disempowerment. The moment we begin to unconsciously blame and shame ourselves is the moment that we disconnect from our power. It is my intention to guide you to see all of your circumstances within your reality especially the ones you believe on some level you may have created as an opportunity and an invitation to meet yourself on a soul level. The more we can accept this invitation, the more we realize that we have been holding the key to our own empowerment all along. So do we really create our own reality? The answer is both yes and no.

Consider that from birth you have been handed the perfect experiences and each experience affected you in the exact way that it was meant to for reasons that go beyond just your personal existence. Consider that you are meant to experience your own unique situations with the perfect people that are playing the exact role that they are meant to play so that you can learn, heal and evolve. Consider that every person and situation that you experience along your journey holds purpose and meaning to assist you in the expansion of your consciousness and the evolution of your soul. Consider that you are here to learn how to be fully responsible for your life and that in order to learn this, it is essential that you experience the contrast of the human experience.

Being responsible is not about taking the easiest, safest and most common route to surviving this existence. Being responsible means understanding that at a soul level you may not have choice in what is handed to you, but you have choice in how you respond to it in every moment. It's about expanding our consciousness so much so that we not only understand what it means to honor our highest truth, but that we actually embody it by taking the necessary actions to align with it. Actions that require courage. Actions that require us to go to the places within that we often want to avoid. As I mentioned earlier, because we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we can only learn through contrast. We open the doorway to our highest truth once we’ve given ourselves full permission to internally experience ourselves at rock bottom. Experiencing ourselves at this place is about being willing to accept the circumstances handed to us, getting real about the stories that we have taken on based on them and then doing the work of shifting them at a core level. It's about actually feeling the feelings that are attached to these stories rather than trying to bypass them with all the various distractions we come up against everyday or by simply affirming that "this too shall pass." Most of us resist fully allowing ourselves to surrender to these realities fearing that they will define us, fearing the feelings that come with meeting ourselves where we actually are and fearing that if we allow ourselves to experience our suffering that we will in fact create even more suffering. But the truth is until we have surrendered to meeting our deepest core wounds that we are usually attempting to run from, we are unable to open ourselves up to the highest truth within us. The place where passion, inspiration, joy, and true inner fulfillment exists. I recently heard my mentor, Christine Hassler explain that the original definition of passion is actually suffering (referring to the sufferings of Christ between the night of the Last Supper and his death). She states, "over time, we have evolved the word passion to mean: “love; a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. So the word passion means two things: suffering and love."

I loved hearing this because it so beautifully demonstrates that we must experience our darkness to fully know and embrace the light within. There accidents and there are no shortcuts. There is only a unique path for each of us to courageously walk - one step at a time. We must be willing to meet and fully accept the realities handed to us so that we may receive the lessons and the blessings that are being offered to assist us in our own empowerment. We must also be willing to meet every aspect of ourselves including those parts we'd rather not confront with acceptance, gratitude, compassion and unconditional love so that we can continuously hear and more importantly act on the wisdom that longs to come through us. When we open ourselves up to accepting all of who we are, suffering and all, we also open the door to a purpose that is much greater than ourselves. It is from this place, that we hold the key to creating our reality from the inside out. It’s called alchemy - transforming the fate you were handed into a destiny that you now get to create in a way that your soul is calling forth in you. The question is, "will you answer the call?"


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