5 Reasons We Fear Our Truth

What does it mean to live in our Truth and why is it that we often feel fear around it? Our truth simply feels right at a soul level. It‘s what is true for us underneath all the protective armor we believe we should wear in order to keep ourselves feeling safe. Our truth requires a deep sense of self-connection and the willingness to be completely honest and vulnerable with ourselves. It’s who we are when we are willing to be fully seen, open our hearts and shine our light. It’s who we are when we are expressing our potential without apology and with the knowing that we are enough just as we are. It offers a deep sense of freedom and a knowing that we are tapped into a universal connection with all that is regardless of what is happening around us.

So why would we fear this? Why would we avoid the opportunity to experience this freedom? The following are 5 fears that can hold us back from giving ourselves permission to live and express our own individual truth.

1. We fear change and discomfort. Change is something that we often resist because we are so accustomed to being in the comfort of the way things have always been. Deciding to live in our truth means we must take full responsibility in creating change. This requires the willingness to be uncomfortable because with change comes many unknowns. It requires embracing the discomfort and reminding yourself that you are always supported in living your highest truth. It’s why you are here.

2. We fear getting real with ourselves. If we get really honest with ourselves, then we might actually have to feel all of our feelings. What a crazy thought. But this is precisely why most of us remain depressed, unhappy and even angry without even knowing it. We remain in denial of these feelings and instead force toxic positivity everywhere we go. We deny what we are truly feeling and internally beat ourselves up for not feeling how we “should” feel. It’s a vicious cycle. Giving ourselves permission to get real with ourselves by honoring our authentic feelings without self-judgement makes room to connect with your authentic truth. Our strength doesn’t come from pretending we have it all together. Our strength comes from being willing to fall apart so that we can truly understand who we are at a Soul level.

3. We fear letting go. Deciding to take a stand for our truth requires that we let go of everything we took on to protect ourselves. We fear this because we must go through a stage of rediscovering ourselves before we can truly let go. We must be willing to be with ourselves in a way we’ve never been before. We must get curious and ask ourselves questions that may not always be easy to answer. This is rarely spoken about. We are often encouraged to let go of outdated thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors, but who are we once we do this? We must be willing to take ourselves through the process of self-discovery. It doesn’t happen over night, but the more we step into true self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love, the more we feel free to live in our own unique truth.

4. We fear the unknown. We know that stepping into our truth will come with many uncertainties. We must reach that place within us where the pain of living in the certainty becomes greater than experiencing all the uncertainties that come with taking a stand for our truth even if it means coming up against challenges. If you are hesitating on making a change of any kind for this reason remember that the unknown can only be unknown for so long before it becomes just another comfortable place to be. We can only grow and evolve in the discomfort of the unknown.

5. We fear criticism and judgment. We believe that stepping into our truth won’t be accepted by those around us and this very well may have some truth to it. But there is a reason your truth is your truth. It’s not for anyone else to understand or accept. It is for you to understand and accept. It’s crucial. It’s important. It’s vulnerable. It‘a the connection to our heart and soul. When we reveal it and let it out for the world to see our mind automatically gravitates to thoughts like, “I won’t be accepted. I won’t be loved. I won’t be validated.” This is partially correct. Not everyone will accept your truth. But what’s more important to focus on is that we are only here for a short time. We are here to live aligned to our heart and take a stand for who we know we are.

Know this: Your fears are valid. I give you permission to experience them. I even give you permission to never strive to overcome them. As long as you are committed to living your truest, most soul-filled potential, fear may always be right by your side. In fact it should be because if we don’t feel fear, we are not growing. Fear will offer up its most creative and outrageous excuses to keep you safe but real courage is not about being fearless. That’s not courage. That’s denial. Being courageous is about owning our fear and living in our truth in spite of it. It’s about looking fear in the eye and saying, “Thank you for protecting me, but I’ve got this even with you by my side.”

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